Larry Bell, a contemporary artist from Taos, New Mexico used to stop by The Black Hole for metals and vacuum chamber equipment for his metal vacuum deposition artwork.

Claus Biegert, documentary filmmaker contrasts the two worlds at Los Alamos in “The Secret and the Sacred” which describes the ongoing mission of Los Alamos National Laboratory nuclear weapons program and the peaceful activism of Ed Grothus and others.

Bob Haozous has been a regular visitor to The Black Hole for many years. As a successful sculptor, his visits with Ed have been a positive influence on some of the creative projects Bob has generated relative to his peaceful activism against the development of nuclear weapons and the respect for the planet Earth.

The late Tony Price – Atomic Artist used materials from The Black Hole in his 30+ years creating Atomic Art. He presented “Head on a Platter” to Ed Grothus – "as the only person in Los Alamos to speak out against the nuclear madness".

Ellen Spiro, director/cinematographer won the Best Documentary Short at the South by Southwest Film Festival for her HBO documentary “Atomic Ed & the Black Hole” which chronicles the stories of Ed Grothus as he transitioned from a technician at Los Alamos National Laboratory making “better” atomic bombs to a collector of “nuclear waste” from the salvage yard at Los Alamos National Laboratory.

Erika Wanenmacher has been coming to The Black Hole for many years to collect items for various art projects. In 2008, she showed “The Science Club” which chronicles her interpretation of human radiation experiments that were conducted across the country from the 1940’s through the 1970’s. Some old negatives of highly magnified tissue samples that were located at The Black Hole provided a seed for this project.