Ed Grothus

History of the Black Hole

The late Edward B. Grothus was salvaging material from the waste-stream for most of his entire life. He began Los Alamos Sales Company in the 1950’s while he was still employed as a machinist at Los Alamos Scientific Laboratory (now known as Los Alamos National Laboratory). After 20 years helping to build "better" bombs at The Lab, Ed quit to pursue his independent business interests full-time. The Los Alamos Sales Company was dubbed The Black Hole in recent years because "everything goes in and nothing comes out." Upon Ed’s death on February 12, 2009, his children have taken on the task of reversing this trend, and though there are a number of items being saved as museum pieces, approximately 1 million pounds of the collection are being cleared out at great prices.

Peaceful Activism

Aside from pursuing his independent business interests, Ed was widely known for full-time pursuit of his independent political interests. His political activism on the side of peace and nuclear disarmament is not often viewed favorably by the local population, which has a vested interest in the continuation of the nuclear arms race.

2006 Nuclear-Free Future Lifetime Achievement Award

Nuclear-Free Future Lifetime Achievement Award Official Site
On December 1, 2006, Ed Grothus received this prestigious award for his lifetime of peaceful activism relative to his crusade to change the mission of the Los Alamos National Laboratory to peaceful pursuits instead of the ongoing nuclear weapons development and stockpile stewardship activity.

2007 Allan Houser Memorial Award Recipient

2007 Allan Houser Memorial Award Official Site
In October 2007, Ed Grothus was humbled be the first non-Native American to receive the prestigious Allan Houser Memorial Award at the annual Governor’s Awards in the Arts for the State of New Mexico for his artistic success and community involvement. At the reception at the Governor’s mansion, he was thrilled to meet Nancy Wood, author of “Hollering Sun” a book of poetry he quoted in his acceptance speech. Nancy autographed the copy of the book that Ed had at the ceremony. Ed proudly wore the medallion he received for this award daily at The Black Hole, and shared how proud he was to receive the award.

University of California Patch Designed by Ed Grothus

http://www.blackholesurplus.com/ Patch Link
This patch was designed by Ed Grothus for the University of California, Los Alamos. All of the employees of the Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL) were employees of the University of California. The W88 represents the Nuclear weapon products of Los Alamos. The Nuclear age was initiated in 1943, and Ed predicted the end will occur in 2013.