Special Visitors

Background Photo by John Severance.

The organic plutonium that was sent to President Clinton and Vice President Gore as a 1996 Christmas present was not very funny according to the Secret Service.

FBI - The Wen Ho Lee Missing Disk Drives - NY Times, August 3rd, 2004
In the midst of last month's crisis, or whatever it was, FBI agents showed up at a local institution called the Black Hole, a scrap yard of Los Alamos laboratory surplus run by 'Atomic Ed' Grothus, a lab machinist turned antinuclear activist. The shop of curiosities serves as both a recycler and what Mr. Grothus sees as a monument to the excesses of the nuclear age. He explained to the agents that the hard drive and tapes that had piqued their interest were harmless, that he had attached the 'secret' stickers himself, another of his practical jokes. Just to be certain, they seized some items anyway.

Mike Daisey talked about his visit to The Black Hole in his monologue 'If You See Something Say Something' and ties this into his investigation into the Department of Homeland Security and his visit to the Trinity Site. The information he got from his visit to the Black Hole provided a unique twist in the story.

Deedee Halleck, independent film maker, founder of Paper Tiger Television and co-founder of the Deep Dish Satellite Network (the first grass roots community television network), and Professor Emerita at UC San Diego, wrote “Atomic Ed Died This Week” and a summary of her visits to the Black Hole that includes some great photographs. She writes, “The Black Hole...should be named a National Monument to the waste of a militaristic society.”

UFO Crashes into Black Hole’s Fence, by John Severance.
Ed Beaty stepped out of his home around 7:00, May 24, 2011 and he could not believe how hard the wind was blowing. “There must have been gusts of 80 mph,” Beaty said. Beaty also happens to be the manager of the Black Hole and he was in for a surprise on Wednesday when he got to work. This mysterious object crashed into the fence at the Black Hole. “High winds made a UFO crash into my fence and the whereabouts of the pilot are unknown,” Beaty laughed. “That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.” “The UFO must have moved 40 feet and it must have gotten some air because there were no drag marks,” Beaty said. “There must have been a pilot. They didn’t mess with the little UFO, just messed with the mother ship.” Beaty posted a sign on the fence to let customers and neighbors know what happened. There is never a dull day at the Black Hole!

Deer and other animals frequent the Black Hole property.
Customers often come face to face with the docile deer feeding on the vegetation. The deer particularly enjoy the apple trees in autumn. One family had been on a week long vacation throughout New Mexico, and they stopped in and got a tour from Ed Grothus. Kalen reported the Black Hole as her favorite part of the vacation, due to seeing the deer, while brother Luke thought the rusty 1” steel balls he found in a 55 gallon drum were tops.